Letter from Arthur Doyle-Feb 28 1989 Re his mother

To the best of my knowledge, my mother was the only members of the family with the surname Browne to settle in the US. Her father passed away in 1913 at the age of 50 when she was between 4 and 5 years of age. Several years later the family- her mother and three sisters- reolcated from SoundIsland to Placentia. Two brothers had died in infancy.

A cousin named Maurice Bonia had come to Boston to fish along with countless other Newfoundlanders who went to either Brooklyn or Boston between the end of the Fist World War and the outbreak of World War II. He had a large family and asked her to assist with the children. She was about 19 years old, stayed a year, went back to Newfoundland, then returned to Boston to again assist for a few months before going to school to become a governess.

He married Francis O'Reilly, daughter of John O'REILLY & Mary Whealan, 12 May 1847 in Placentia-Wts Thos Baldwen; Anne Bradshaw. Born 1826. Died 14 Feb 1876. Buried in Placentia Nf. Education GC-Bonia, Frances. Wife Of W. Maurice Bonia Died Feb 13 Aged. Religion 50 At Great Placentia Left Large Family G.N.C.Chr Feb22 /76.

They had the following children:

10 i. Maurice Alphonsus Bonia Father
11 ii. Patrick Bonia
12 iii. Frances Gertrude Bonia
13 iv. Thomas Bonia Capt; MHA (Govt)
14 v. Rosella Bonia
15 vi. Matilda Bonia
16 vii. Edward Bonia
17 viii.Joseph Vincent Bonia
18 ix. Unknown Bonia
19 x. Unknown Bonia

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