WALKER Sarah Jane


Sarah Jane Walker, Farmington, Mo., Daughter of Laken Dubart and Elizabeth Murphy Walker, was married to John B. Hart of Farmington, Mo., November 6, 1855. John B. Hart was born July 9, 1826. Their children are:
Emma Hart, born September 4, 1856
Lucetta Hart, born April 4, 1858
Thomas Hart, born June 13, 1861
S. B. Hart, born September 14, 1863
Mattie Hart, born November 14, 1865
Fred Hart, born December 30, 1867
Margarette E. Hart, born August 10, 1874
Clarah and Erastus Hart, born February 17, 1877
Maud Hart, born October 17, 1875.
In the latter sixties, John B. Hart and family moved to California, where they lived about two years. Excepting these two years, Mrs. Hart lived her life in St. Francois County. While in California she professed faith in Christ and became a devoted member of the M. E. Church South. She lived a Christian for over forty years.
Mrs. Hart, on the 7th day of June, had gone on a visit to her son, S. B., of Flat River, and Tuesday, June 27, though feeble, but having been walking around, she sat down near the edge of the porch. In attempting to rise she fell off, sustaining injuries which were then thought not serious. Medical aid was immediately summoned but the shock was too severe for her, and she gradually grew worse until she peacefully passed away at 10:10 a.m., Saturday, July 1, 1911, at the age of 82 years, 8 months and 14 days. Her brothers and sisters all preceded her to the shore beyond.
The father of these children, John B. Hart, is a very remarkable man. He will be 91 years of age in July and is one of the most interesting talkers to whom I ever listened. His intelligence and retentive memory are wonderful. He enjoys telling of the early settlement days. His father, Michael Hart, was one of St. Francois County’s first sheriffs from 1822-23.
In the death of Sarah J. Hart, a long, useful life has been ended. Children, relatives, friends and the community mourns in the loss of this aged mother and grandmother. She liveth no more on earth, but in the spirit world where we trust you will some time join her, and there abide forever.


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